Sunday, September 25, 2011

Always Be Prepared

We are coming into the peak of hiking season here in Northern Arizona, so all of us have been updating our hiking accessories. Brentina has a lot to learn about creating and maintaining Diva Status on the trail. My job as Official Diva Mentor never ends... sigh...

As you can see, Brentina is a minimalist when it comes to... well... pretty much anything. She only has ONE collar, ONE backpack, ONE HAT!!! (can you BELIEVE that?!?!?) I have GOT to get her out of that little rut...

 Anyway, here she is with her backpack containing only two bottles of water, Mom's camera, and a little water bowl. Brentina wears her Gentle Leader (basic black, of course) and has a BLUE leash with a [non-matching] GREEN poop bag purse. At least you can tell she is learning how to strike a pose, thank dog! My training is finally paying off... albeit in bits and pieces. 

Brentina refuses to wear a hat on her hikes. She says she likes to have her ears "free" and "flapping in the wind..." Oy... She does love her hikes, I must say, and she is very serious about her carrying duties. She's becoming a beautiful, graceful young lady. (Wow... I can't believe I actually said that... ) Mom is very proud of her on her hikes and even says she walks better than ME sometimes! I just tell Mom to chillax... I am showing enthusiasm... spunk... interest in natural minutia, if you will.

Yet again, it was left to me to step up and be a shining example of Full Hike Preparedness & Accessorization. 

I showed Brentina how to properly load her backpack up in order to maximize the hiking experience, while still cutting a fine figure on the trail and allowing everyone to see that you are prepared for anything. 

As you can see, I am fully loaded: water (on the other side since it's not photogenic and will not impress anyone on the trail), binoculars, decorative collar with bling ornament, leash with MATCHING poop purse, coat conditioner, bug spray, chap stick (yes, I have lips), paw lotion, cell phone, camera, and a poncho that goes with the whole ensemble. But something was missing... 

...Oh yeah... 

...A HAT!! 

Now, not only do I look stylish on the trail, but I am prepared for any fur emergency, sunny weather, inclement weather, photo op, bug attack, or celebrity sighting. That little backpack probably never dreamed it could hold so much greyt stuff! As you can tell, I was giddy with excitement over my Outdoor Roo look. 

The only conceivable drawback: it weighs as much as me... sigh...
Fashion is a tough business...



  1. BOL! Roo, how far could you possibly hike with all that in your backpack? I have my own backpack, in pink, of course, and I've planned the rest of my hiking gear around it. I agree, a lady MUST maintain a sense of fashion while out hiking! I carry my own things in my pack, but Mom and Dad have to carry their own stuff in their own packs, because I am no beast of burden!


  2. Oh, Bunny... you bark the truth! But this IS only my stuff!!!! BOL!!!!!!

  3. Fashion is literally a heavy burden.

  4. Miss Roo, ah haff ma pink notepad and ah haff taken notes ob all ob yur impawtint notashuns! Da Momma sez she lubs yur matchin poop bag holder and has ideers now! Da onlee ideer she needs to haff is how to get da kibble in ma bowl at precisely fibe oklok!
    Pee Ess: Yoo luk mahveluss dahling ♥

  5. BOL! Chai, you are obviously a diva as you immediately caught the most important parts... the Two F's: Fashion and Food!!!

    Cricket, you are learning. And thanks to your credit card, fashion is now a slightly heavier burden. ;)

  6. Ive been hiking Sedona and so far have not run across any one as well prepared and MOST OF ALL as gorgeous on the trails. And I bet you dont even break a sweat while hiking!