Sunday, September 11, 2011

So, You Think You Need a Blog...

I am finally here! I went back and forth with Mom and finally wore her down. "Remember, Roo, it's up to YOU to keep it current... AAAND you have to SHARE from time-to-time, little missy." 
Yeah... right... pppfffttt!

Me:    Mom! I need a BLOG!

Mom: What? Why?

Me:    Everyone says I need one.

Mom: And just who, may I ask, is 'everyone?'

Me:   You know... "EVERYONE!"

Mom: Oh. And where, pray tell, is this 'everyone?'

Me:    Mom! Brentina says I need a blog!

Mom: Soooo... let me see if I have this right. You're basing your version of 'everyone' on your one year old Sloughi sister? Whom, I might add, totally annoys you on a regular basis?

Me:   Yes!

Mom: OK. I can see you doing that. Does SHE know she wants you to do a blog?

Trot, trot, trot, trot.... "BRENTINA!!!!! HERE!!! NOW!!!!" *whispering* "OK, now look pitiful and stare at Mom. No. You do not need to know why. But if you do this right, I might let you play with one of my toys tomorrow... maybe... or maybe that pine cone out there... "

Mom: Awwww... How's mama's little Tini girl today?? Let me kiss that little nosey of yours!! Oh Mama loves this little girlie. Yes she does! Who's Mama's tiny Sloughi?? Brentina is, that's who!!! What? You want something?? Awwww... whatever you want, sweetie!! Just tell Mama.

Me:   *BLECH!* She wants me to have a blog.

Mom: OK, sweetums, if that's what you want, Roo can have a bl... HEY! HOW'D YOU DO THAT?!?! *sigh* Dammit, Roo... Well played... crap...

Me:    *snicker* And well played to you too, Brentina. Looks like an 'Indoor Toy' is in your future.

"Well played, my little tan minion! Well played..." OK, so it took a little teamwork... I can deal with that.
So that's how it began. I hope you stop by to pick up some smiles or some ideas, and the occasional "awwwww." We appreciate you and look forward to this weekly adventure.


  1. You look smug. You always look smug.

  2. and when pray-tell dont you look awesome?

  3. Thank you, Crickey... how kind of you to notice!
    ;) I try to alternate between smug and self righteous. I am also practicing my "Roo Steel" look.

  4. Oh, Greytjoy... you are obviously very Fashion Forward yourself! :) Thank you!

  5. Roo, I'd have totally vouched for you that you needed a blog, too! The world must see those hats of yours!


  6. Miss Em, you never had a chance Rooooo Rooooooo

  7. BOL, Ladies! You so "get" me!!! xoxo