Saturday, October 29, 2011


Ah, Halloween... a time when all Fashion Forward hounds can strut their stuff without being called garish. My kinda day!

In the past, Mom hasn't let me really do it up, but this year, I caught her when her defenses were weak, lined that up with a trip to our local discount store, and VOILÀ... instant amazing stunningness!!  (And yes, in case you're wondering, use of discount stores is officially allowable on Halloween as this qualifies under "Special Circumstances" and "Fashion Emergencies.")

Mom was very proud of me. I has fun in my outfit, and walked around actually using the little eye holes in my mask. Devilishly clever of me, don't you think? A couple of times the mask slipped a tad and I had to put my head down and walk very slowly. For some reason, this made Mom chuckle. I, however, handled it with my natural aplomb and just kept asking myself, "Would Elle MacPherson or Tyra Banks let this slow them down on the runway?? NO!! So I'll be darned if I will succumb to 'costume mishaps.'" 
The choice of this costume, you might ask?? Well, I was feeling a little bit prickly that day, but mostly, it was simply a matter of fashion. Red and sparkles show off my coat and eyes. We über-models must always be on the lookout for a greyt photo op... or for something particularly juicy and different in Mom's price range! BOL! I think the combination of discount and 'found in this closet you'd forgotten about' worked quite well.

Some may call it "cheap and cheesy." I prefer to call it "inexpensive exquisiteness." What about you? Are you taking full advantage of this perfect opportunity to strut your stuff? I sure hope so! If I come up to your door and bark, "TRICK OR TREAT!" you'd better have some bones ready, or the pitchfork comes out!
Stay safe and have fun!



  1. BOOOO! right back atcha girlfrend ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. You totally inspired me Roo! Went the the fabric store to see what we could come up with for Schotzy, but my husband wouldn't get on board. (I know, what was I thinking taking a husband to a fabric store??) Might just have to sneak out and head back on my own. Did your mom make your mask? How did you get the eye holes to line up right?

  3. Re: the mask - This is actually a very thin, flexible mask Mom got at (gulp) WalMart! It was made for humans, so the scalloped cutout was wider on the top than on the bottom, so we just turned it upside down and it worked GREYT!! We hooked the elastic band behind my ears :)

  4. Devilishly clever, Roo! I am totally impressed by your fashion sense and the scariness of your costume! May your treat bag overfloweth on All Hallow's Eve!


  5. It takes a true fashionista to be able to shop the discount stores. Anybody with too much money could fly to Paris, but only the fashion genius can stay home, scrape change out of the sugar bowl, say Abracadabra! and have an elegant outfit! You just get better and better Ms. Roo.

  6. Thank you so much, Bunny and Schnizz! It was really quite a lot of fun... even for Mom! BOL! And yes, I will be weighing my treats on the scale to make sure I get more than last year. ;)

  7. Nobody can rock a hat, or a costume, like you Roo!! Gorgeous! Happy Halloween!

  8. Thanks, Kristin! Living with another diva as you do, I'm sure my mom can sympathize with you ;)