Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Family: The Girls!

Onnie when she first came here!
In my last blog, I started introducing you to my family by featuring my older brothers, Auggie and Azi. This edition saves the best for last! That's right... It's all about us GIRLS!!!

Next in line is my sweet Sloughi sister, Onyx. Sloughis are Sighthounds, like me, but they come from Morocco and are a bit taller and thinner/more angular. They come in a number of colors too. Onnie's coat coloring is called Sand with Black Mantle. She was in the second litter born in the U.S. to have that coloration, so for a while she insisted she was a 'rare jewel.' I let her believe that because I like her. She's my buddy and is the least assertive member of my family. (I have got to teach her to stand up for herself more!)
She turned 5 at the beginning of the year and came to live with Mom at around 12 weeks of age.

She is a show dog too, but she doesn't brag as much as Auggie does. She's
On a beach near Solvang in 2008
my Homegirl, BOL! She prances and is funny and everyone loves her, especially when she jumps up and gives hugs when invited. Mom can also ask her if she wants a kiss and Onnie will look up and wait for Mom to give her a little smooch right on the lips!!! (eewwww...) She makes Mom laugh a lot... almost as much as I do! She and I have matching collars and matching jammies, but, alas, she is waaayyy less into bling and hats than I am. *sigh* I try... I really do... I have to admit, she is almost as pretty as me, though a good hat would spruce her up considerably... just sayin'...

Shortly after coming to live with us
Youngest, but 'old enough' in her opinion, is my Sloughi sister, Brentina. She turns 2 before long and is a very pretty girl who came to live with us at 8 weeks old. She's a little show girl (and she never lets me forget this) who is, I have to admit, growing into a very pretty young lady. She is also Little Miss Hell On Wheels and tough as nails! I am the only one who can really keep up with her, and she even wears ME out sometimes! While she has much better manners now, she was once heavily into "redecorating," having hollowed out the seats on two recliners, torn apart the newly repaired back porch bench, and it is rumored Mom walked into her bedroom a few months ago to find Brenti up on top of the dresser shredding Mom's clean clothes... but we won't even go there... *shudder*
Do NOT let that innocent face fool you, BOL!
Mom insists she is extremely smart, and apparently that makes her more of a "challenge." PPPFFFTTT!!! I'm BRILLIANT and I think other than pulling all the cable TV wiring out of the living room wall and shredding my share of shoes and eyeglasses, I've been a PIECE OF CAKE!!!! (Please ignore my mom as she rolls her eyes... I think it's a nervous habit... but I digress... ) Brenti is both my nemesis and my little minion, so it gets confusing at times. But I think we'll work it out... to MY satisfaction, anyway...

My "Denim Period"
My daring, fashion forward
Church Lady
You pretty much know me... My mom talked my adoption group (Greyhounds of the Verde Valley) into taking a bunch of us youngsters (from 4 - 6 months old) who were either too small to race (me and my sister), or who were "oops" litters. Little did Mom realize she'd end up fostering not just one of us, but eventually THREE of us, including my twin litter sister, Dahlia (whose name then was Onyx..)
No PhotoShopping here.
I really wore this for Howl-o-ween!
Imagine the confusion at our house)! Mom fell in love with a photo of me taken at the kennel where I was
raised, but said she wasn't adopting any more dogs. Period. Well... once I turned on the charm,
climbed up in her lap and rooed my little
I pride myself on my
subtle understatement
heart out with joy, she was a goner and I stayed. Period. Occasionally I heard her muttering something about, "Why didn't I keep the WELL BEHAVED one??" but I don't pay any attention to that whining. I have learned to tune it out. All I know is, I stayed, my friends and littermate all ended up in their perfect Forever Homes too, so all is well and right with the world!

So, this is us. My brothers, my sisters, my mom, and, of course... me. Yep, love really does make my world go 'round.

No matter when or where, I am always ME to the BONE!


  1. Love your family Ms. LicoriceRoo---and I love the way you describe them all! <3

    1. Thank you so much! It's from my big Greyhound brain... and my heart... and maybe a little bit from my stomach too... 'cuz I'm always hungry...